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February 2007 * 02/28/2007

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Help Save the African Elephant













The Best American Travel Writing for 2006 




“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”

David Attenborough-
Broadcaster and Naturalist

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Welcome to the February issue of The Traveler

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We're on a mission this month to help save the African Elephant. You can help us in two ways simply by filling out our reader survey. You'll help us make The Traveler the best it can be, and for each response we get to the survey, we'll give $1 to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help protect the African Elephant.

That's right, fill out our reader survey and you'll not only be helping the The Traveler, but you'll also help save a bit of our natural heritage. Not only that, you'll have the thanks and gratitude of everyone here at The Traveler.

And we haven't even got to this month's issue yet.

Ever wonder how warm and cozy it would be if you lived in an igloo? You'll find out in our first feature article by freelance writer Jennifer Price. This is Jennifer's first article for The Traveler, but I'm sure you'll see more from her in future issues.

Our travel writing pick-of-the-month features Tim Cahill's selections for the best travel writing of 2006. Great stuff.

Finally, we have this month's roundup of travel ideas, bargains, and resources.


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Feature Articles

Igloo Village
Warm and cozy? Just make sure to bring your thermal underwear...

The Land of the Elephant
The Traveler reminisces on his time spent among the elephants

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

The best travel writing, in our humble opinion, is not so much about a place in and of itself, but the story of a place. The best travel is, after all, a story to be told, or should be. The collection in this year's Best Travel Writing of 2006 holds true to that ideal.

Facts and figures are important, but are best left to the travel guide or travel brochure. To really get a sense of a place requires someone telling a good story. And that's what you'll find in The Best American Series 2006 edition of The Best American Travel Writing.
The Best American Travel Writing 2006 (The Best American Series)

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

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Southern India Trip of a Lifetime
Schedule a plunge into a world of lush natural beauty and vast cultural wealth with a visit to India’s resplendent south, as interpreted by Asia Transpacific Journeys. A sensory overload—and a profoundly telling piece of the human puzzle—awaits the traveler willing to suspend for a while long-held assumptions on the nature of the material and spiritual world, to discover the greatness that is India. Find out more about this adventure.

Spring Escapes from Boundless Journeys
The staff at Boundless Journeys has been busy preparing their worldwide roster of trips for spring. From Utah to Bhutan, Costa Rica to Iceland, and all points in between, you'll find some of the world's great adventures. Visit the Boundless Journeys website to find out more.

Responsible Travel
The Traveler supports organizations, tour operators, and travelers interested in practicing, promoting, and using sustainable travel practices. has researched the world's best responsible tours companies and hotels so that you don't have to. You'll find the world's largest selection of eco holidays from over 200 carefully chosen tour companies and 100s of accommodations right now on their website.

A Future Travel Writing Pick?
From what we know of Carla's work, we imagine so. Carla King is a San Francisco based writer and member of the Wild Writing Women group whose work The Traveler has reviewed in previous issues. Carla's latest effort American Borders Breakdowns in small towns all around America tells the story of her solo journey around the United States on a Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle. The Traveler hasn't had time to review this book yet, but we will soon. You can too! Get Carla's book and let us know what you think! American Borders Breakdowns in small towns all around America by Carla King

Why We're Taking up the Cause of the African Elephant
Immediately after a 1989 international trade ban on ivory, illegal elephant poaching was nearly stopped dead in its tracks. Now, some eighteen years later, poachers have come back with a vengeance, due in large part to the fact the enforcement of the trade ban has declined through lack of funding from countries most effected by the poaching.

Many of these countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, are poor and ensnared in economic and political turmoil. It is difficult for such governments to fund the enforcement necessary to protect the African Elephant from poachers. In the year ending August of 2006, up to five percent of the remaining elephant population in Africa was slaughtered, amounting to more than 23,000 elephants and 240 tons of ivory.

Many of Humankind's problems are solved, at least initially, through economic incentive. If countries too poor to feed and protect their own human population are expected to fund enforcement of illegal trade laws and stop poaching, then the international community needs to step up and provide funding and support to enforce the ban on the illegal ivory trade. It isn't hard, or even that expensive, for rich nations to accomplish such a goal, it takes nothing but a desire to do so. We did it before, and we must do it again. Saving the elephant is, in part, saving ourselves.

I wish to believe that the money The Traveler spent two years ago to journey to Land of the Elephant helped to provide, if just a little bit, the means for those living in Botswana to live an honest life. And they, in turn, helped us do the same, if just a little bit, by allowing us to witness first-hand the power and majestic beauty of the Elephant and land she occupies.

Nothing connects one to the earth and all its creatures more than standing quietly in the yawning dusk of the African savannah, watching a family of great elephants move quietly through the tall grass. To this day, chills go up my spine remembering that day, how humbled and awestruck it was to actually be there, in the Land of the Elephant.

Find out more about the African elephant here.

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