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Overheard at a Florida Resort Beachside bar:

She said "You look familiar."
And he said, "Well, I've found that with time, as I've grown older, that
people who are genuinely happy are familiar to me."

-Contributed by Karen Lenar


Canyonlands, Utah
Molokai Moment
Purple Sunset, Lonely Tree - Kona, Hawaii

Learn Travel Writing in The City of Light - Paris!

The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop

May 9-12, 2004 Paris, France

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Welcome to the March issue of The Traveler!

The seasons have changed and we at The Traveler think it's a great time to start planning new adventures and travel for the months ahead. We've got some exploring for you to do right here in our Resources, Ideas, and Bargains section. Peruse our ideas and come up with some of your own; who knows where you might end up!

We've got four new articles for your enjoyment, featuring two regular contributors, Kathryn Lemmon and Jill Florio, and two new writers for The Traveler, Wendy VanHatten and Jon Coen. They'll take us from a river float on the San Juan river, to dodging charging bulls on dark deserted dirt roads in Mexico, enduring the ugliest of Travelers (unfortunately American), and exploring the Maine-Quebec corridor.

For our travel writing pick-of-the-month, Tim Cahill, in Hold the Enlightenment, travels the world finding adventure and excitement, so you don't have to! His entertaining, self-deprecating and witty style make this book hard to put down.

So there you have it, another issue of The Traveler packed with adventure, resources, and ideas, and fun...


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Feature Articles

Solitude on the San Juan
A friend, no crowds, and the river

Maine to Quebec and Back Again
Maple syrup, moose, and more

It's Best to Swerve When Bulls are Charging
When bull meets econoline

Meet the Ugliest American
And hope the she doesn't board your flight

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

Some people fancy themselves adventure travelers; Tim Cahill lives the life. In thirty entertaining essays, he takes us to the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, the vast salt mines of the Sahara, in search of of the Caspian Tiger in Turkey, giant centipedes in the Congo and a whloe lot more. There's even adventure to be found in a college writing class in Montana. Cahill's writing is self-effacing, humorous, and informative. If you can't live the life of an adventure traveler, then Tim Cahill is happy to do it for you - somebody's got to. Tim Cahill does it with Hold the Enlightenment

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

Llama Treking in North Carolina - WindDancers Lodge & Llama Treks is a contemporary and unique Bed & Breakfast located along western North Carolina's Fines Creek. Set in a peaceful and secluded 270-acre cove of wilderness mountain land. there are woodland hiking trails, llama-scaped pastures, and meandering streams sheltering a complete watershed. To find out more about this one-of-a-kind Bed & Breakfast, visit the WindDancers website.

Spring is Time for Maple Syrup in Ontario - Get information on the numerous maple syrup festivals throughout Ontario Canada at the offical Maple Syrup Festival page at

Tee off at Midnight in Iceland - If golfing is your thing. Or you can enjoy the stunning beauty of this mid-atlantic island nation. Learn more about exploring Iceland at the Iceland Tourst Board website.

Put an End to Airport Parking Frustrations - Save time and money with special negociated rates and an online reservation system for airport parking lots throught the US, Canada, and the UK. Learn more at the AirportParkingReservations website.

Unexplored Eurasia - Since 1986, MIR (whose name means "peace" and "world" in Russian), has embodied the solitary passion of guiding travelers through this mysterious and misunderstood region once veiled by an iron curtain. Explore the far reaches of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, the Baltics, Central Asia, Iran, China, Tibet, Mongolia, the Caucasus and Central-East Europe. Find out about all their tours and request a free catalog at the MirCorp website.

Travel Europe the way Europeans do - Everything you need is here for Eurail Passes and travel packages throughout Europe. Get more information and book your Eurail Pass now on the RailEurope Website

5-Star Luxury in Dublin - Since opening in 1997, The Merrion Hotel has established itself as the epitome of relaxed grandeur, welcoming Dubliners and visitors to the city with stunningly appointed rooms, crackling turf fires and a host of facilities. Find out more about this award-winngin hotel at the Merrion Hotel website

Copper Canyon, Mexico - Learn about the the area, the native people, things to see and do, and the world famous Copper Canyon train. If you're planning on visiting Copper Canyon, make sure to visit the official Copper Canyon website.

Low Impact Travel Tips - The Union of Concerned Scientists offers tips on minimizing your environmental impact when you travel. It starts with being informed. Find find the low impact travel tips here.

Celebrate Your National Heritage - Visit a National Park - The National Park Service provides some of the most pristine, unique, and spectacular areas left on the continent; truly a national treasure. Support your local national park and visit one soon. Find out all about our national parks at the National Park Service website.

Old and New in Turkey - From the Blue Mosque to modern shopping districts, Istanbul offers a glimpse of ancinet culture combined with modern consumerism. Explore the exotic world of Turkey. Find out about travel throughout Turkey, the culture, history, and more at

7-Night All-Inclusive Caribbean Package w/Air - From only $379. Another great deal from our friends at Select travel dates in April and May. You'll want to hurry, these deals sell out fast. Get all the facts here.

All Your Travel Needs In One Place - Find a flight, rental car, winter vacation, weekend getaway, or the adventure of a lifetime! You'll find everything you need from airline tickets to vacation packages to travel insurance, foreign currency exchange, and passport processing... It's all at!

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