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March 2005 * 03/29/05

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Kauai Flower - Photo by Kate Kilbourne




















Lost in Mongolia by Colin Angus - The Traveler's Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month










It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and certainly not desirable, as one's hat keeps blowing off.

- Woody Allen
American actor, author, screenwriter and film director, b.1935












The Traveler staff in Chobe National Park, Botswana - Photo by Nancy Foster



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Welcome to the March 2005 issue of The Traveler!

The Traveler will be off to Kauai in a few days. Having been cooped up in the office since our wildlife safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe last year, we're eager to get "on the road" again and bring you new first-hand experiences of the world. So we're off to Hawaii - yes, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! We'll be updating our travelogue in real time (as opposed to unreal time?) and you'll be seeing highlights in upcoming issues of The Traveler.

In this month's issue we bring you five feature articles to keep you in touch with the world. First is a look at Phuket, Thailand and surrounding areas from new contributor Sandra Scott. In her article People Who Need People, we'll see first hand the progress of recovering in the areas devastated by the recent tsunami.

Next is Moon Hill Reflections, where we'll huff and puff with Susan Stephenson up Moon Hill in Guangxi Province, People’s Republic of China.

Our next s
election, On Your Bike, is a follow-up from author Sean Condon whose story of his expatriate adventure in Amsterdam was our travel writing pick-of-the-month last November. (
My 'Dam Life: Three Years in Holland (Lonely Planet Journeys (Travel Literature)

Did we say we were going to Kauai? Yes we did! We'll wet your appetite for the Garden Isle with an article from one of our favorite contributors here at The Traveler. Always one to offer a unique and informative look at popular culture, Mike Marino rests his gaze on those "sons of the beach" with Kauai's Surfing Nation. If you like Mike's style, you'll love his book
The Roadhead Chronicles: Popculture and Chrome Meet Asphalt and Art.

Our final feature article introduce new contributor Daniel Eggerding's interesting essay on the romance found in the written form of the Chinese language with Romantic Chinese Characters .

That's a lot of features, but we love bringing you some of the best travel writing that you won't find anywhere else.

But we've got even more travel writing to feature with this month's travel writing Pick-of-the-Month. If you've never heard of the Yenisey River, you'll now it from one end to the other after reading Lost in Mongolia by Colin Angus.

Finally comes our list of this issue's list of travel ideas, resources, and bargains for your online exploration and travel planning.


Feature Articles

People Who Need People
The people in Phuket need the people of the world to come back

Moon Hill Reflections
A Hill in China With the moon at its end

On Your Bike
An ex-expatriot's story update

Kauai's Surfing Nation (Sons of the Beach!)
A "Roadhead" look at Kauai's surfing culture

Romantic Chinese Characters
A look into the Chinese character

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

A trio of young explorers travel from the high slopes of Mt. Otgen Tenger in Mongolia down the full extent of the Yenisey River through Siberia to the Arctic Ocean. If successful in their challenge, they will be the first group to run the world's longest unchallenged river.
A true adventurer's tale. Lost in Mongolia : Rafting the World's Last Unchallenged River

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

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