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Molokai - A Tale of Two Dawns: Test & Photo by Tom Schueneman
















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The Soundman Chronicles:

The Traveler's latest chapter in the life of pushing faders, and some of the interesting things that happen.





Color Treatment of Trinidad Flowers - Photo: Tom Schueneman
Nature Teaches Geometry  in Las Vegas New Mexico - Photo: Tom Schueneman
Evening descends on Kona, Hawaii - Phtot: Tom Schueneman

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Welcome to the May 2004 issue of The Traveler!

Here at The Traveler we've been sitting around scratching our heads, wondering where the first half of 2004 has gone. Come to think of it, we were doing the same thing last year about this time, and the year before that...

So it goes, time marches on and there is still a whole big beautiful world to discover. We've got some ideas in this issue to help you discover an exotic locale halfway around the world or just down the road a spell. You'll find all the latest in the Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains section.

This month we introduce four new writers to The Traveler for our feature articles. We'll explore Tanzania, the Canadian Far North; discover some magical moments in Mackinaw, and finally find how a few scary moments can lead to a very important lesson learned during the fun and sun of Florida's Spring Break season.

An as always, we round out our offering with the Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month. On tap this month is a practical guide to the art of travel with Travel Wisdom by Lynne and Hank Christen

In addition to all that, The Traveler offers his own look at a Molokai dawn and adds the next chapter to his popular soundman chronicles. So make sure to check out all the nooks and crannies of this issue to find all the fun stuff!



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Feature Articles

Counting Crocodlies
A hard life close to the land is still a good life in Zimbabwe.

Minority for a Week
A trip to Cape Dorset offers a glimpse into the life of the original settlers of Canada's Far North.

Mackinaw: A Step Back In Time
It is said that you can never go back; but some places harken back to a more innocent time, and of love, both timeless and new.

Learning the Hard Way - Being Safe on a Spring Break Break Vacatiion

A young woman enjoys the beaches, sun, and fun - and learns a valuable lifetime lesson.

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

Our travel writing pick this month is a down-to-earth practical guide to traveling smart. Travel Wisdom is packed with useful information on things like packing like a pro, managing travel money, staying healthy while traveling, travel etiquette, dealing with setbacks, and much more. Humorous anecdotes are interspersed throughout. This book provides useful information for all travelers, especially those interested in group travel and cruising. Everyone will find something useful in Travel Wisdom: Tips, Tools, and Tactics for All Travelers

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains


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