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May 2007 * 05/30/2007

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Paris Flowers - Luxumbourg Gardens : Photo by Tom Schueneman




















 Carla King - American Borders : May Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month












“We travellers are in very hard circumstances. If we say nothing but what has been said before us, we are dull and have observed nothing. If we tell anything new, we are laughed at as fabulous and romantic.”

-Mary Worley Montagu

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Welcome to the May issue of The Traveler.

Let's get right to it!

We've got three fresh feature articles for you this issue, from the offbeat in London, the "end of the line" on the American east coast, to a modern day gold rush perfect for the kids on the west coast.

In the true spirit of adventure, for our travel writing pick-of-the-month we give you one woman, an eccentric motorcycle prone to breakdowns, and a mission to explore the country around its borders with Canada and Mexico.

The travel and vacation season is upon us, and we've got our latest travel ideas, bargains, and resources to help you sort out all your possibilities.


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Feature Articles

Cape May - Your Last Chance
No really, at exit zero off the freeway, this is your last chance...

Offbeat London - Five Offbeat and Budget-Friendly London Attractions
Any bloke can visit the tower of London. Here's some spots that you may not find on the tourist map

Kid Trekking in California's Gold Country
While exploring the Sierra Nevada gold country, you'll find the real treasure is sharing an adventure with your kids

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

I first met Carla at a travel writing conference sponsored and ran by her cohorts, who call themselves the Wild Writing Women. We also spent some time chatting at a local meeting of the Bay Area Travel Writers Association.

Carla's a funny, intelligent, and well-traveled woman and writer. She also knows her way around a motorcycle. I guess you pretty much have to when you take it upon yourself to ride one through China, or all across Europe, or around the edges of our American Borders.

This is enlightening and entertaining travel tale of Carla's solo experience circumnavigating America along the borders with Canada and Mexico in a Russian-built Ural sidecar motorcycle - that didn't always work. American Borders: A solo circumnavigation of the United States on a Russian sidecar motorcycle

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

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Travel News, Ideas, and Fun Stuff:

Dude! What a perfect day in Santa Cruz!

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The 10th International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts in Madrid, Spain
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