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June 2006 * 06/28/2006

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A Lonely Outpost - Point Reyes, California - Photo by Tom Schueneman

















Spirit of Place-The Art of the Traveling Photographer - June travel writing pick-of-the-month









"Often while traveling with a camera we arrive just as the sun slips over the horizon of a moment, too late to expose film, only time enough to expose our hearts."

-Minor White (1908-76) great American photographers of the period after the Second World War and respected teacher of the medium.


















Half Dome in the Morning Light, Yosemite National Park - Photo by Tom Schueneman  
  A Seagull looks out to sea - Monterey Peninsula, California - Photo by Tom Schueneman
A Lazy Molokai Afternoon, Molokai, Hawaii - Photo by Tom Schueneman  

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Welcome to the June Anniversary issue of The Traveler

Another year gone by since our inaugural issue of The Traveler. Five years ago, this humble publication was just an idea in The Traveler's head. And now we introduce our 61st issue.

We know whose back to pat for it too - it's yours! That's right, pat yourself on the back, dear reader. Some have been with us for a month or two, others since June of 2001 and our first issue. To everyone how reads and enjoys our efforts here at The Traveler, we can't tell you how much we appreciate you taking the time in the sea of distractions, email, bills - life - that vies for your time and attention.

We've been here for six years now, quietly offering tales from travelers all over the world, our travel writing pick-of-the-month, and travel resources for finding your own adventures. So when the noise of life starts to get deafening and you need a break, we'll be here - thanks to you - for years to come.

On with the show!

For our feature articles this month we start off with the promise of great music and Celtic culture from the "Nashville North" of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; then it's down south to Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas for an underwater adventure like you'll find no place else; and then across the globe to visit the history and elegance, of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

The Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month this month examines the art of travel photography. After all, there is always a story to be told, and a picture can be worth a thousands words in the hands of the right travel photographer. This book helps us all tell better stories with our pictures.

As always, we'll top it off with this month's selection of travel resources, ideas, and bargains.

-To all our loyal readers...


Feature Articles

Nashville North: Nova Scotia's Singer/Songwriter's Rival Music City at the Celtic Colours Bards & Ballads Concert
A rich musical journey at this year's 10th anniversary festival

The Majesty and Wonder of Atlantis, Paradise Island
The underwater world of Atlantis - a true Paradise!

The Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel - A Royal Experience
History, elegance, and luxury in Hong Kong

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

The natural synergy between photography and travel is explored in these exquisite, lavishly illustrated, and instructive pages that demonstrate how artful camera use can record the true spirit of a place.

On this thrilling worldwide tour, the author shows traveling nonprofessional photographers how to bring home memorable pictures of people, festivals, wildlife, architecture-even aerial and underwater shots. Learn and discover the art of travel photography with Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer

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