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A Molokai Beach
jelly fish - Monterey Bay Aquarium
the sea and the sky - Pt. Lobos

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Welcome to the August issue of The Traveler!

This has been an exciting month for us here at The Traveler. You may notice a slightly different look to the newsletter, and for good reason! The new look reflects our new, completely redesigned website at Make sure to check out the new look and the improved, more intuitive navigation to make the site easier to find the information you're looking for!

This month in The Traveler we'll explore Fiji, find the fragrant, flowered slopes of the Stromboli volcano on the isolated island of Alicudi, and sail down the Nile along the Pharaoh's Way. All that and some travel ideas and bargains for your next vacation or adventure. And as always, we have our travel writing pick-of-the-month.


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Feature Articles

In Tropical Transit - Finding out there really is a lot to do when visiting Fiji.

A Path Breaking Experience - The little town nestled on the slopes of an ancient volcano offers a unique perspective and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Pharaoh's Way - Sail the Nile and experience the history of Egypt and the Pharaoh's Way.


Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

An anthology of travelers' tales from a most unique writing group known as Wild Writing Women. These twelve women travel the globe and bring their adventures to life in this collection of stories. From traveling through China on a motorcycle, to playing with fire on the edge of Volcano in Hawaii (a Traveler favorite), to experiencing the supernatural in Scotland and falling in love in Moscow, these women share their unique experience in a most entertaining and fascinating collection of stories. The Traveler Especially likes the fact that the Wild Writing Women are from his home town of San Francisco! A fine collection of stories from a great group of writers: Wild Writing Women, Stories of World Travel.


Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains


"Discover, Understand, Protect" - This is the motto of Forum International Travel, A pioneer in ecotourism, they established the "4 pillars of ecotourism" in 1965 and they are still the standard in use today for this growing industry. Forum International offers tours all over the world to some of the most exotic, matchless, and culturally engaging places on earth. For more information about their programs, including arranging private tours, go to their website or call 800-252-4475.


Venice - Four Nights Hotel and Air for $499 - A great deal to the world-class destination of Venice. This winter special is good for two departure dates only (December 11 and January 8) but more options are available for only fifty dollars more. Get all the details at Travel Zoo


The Weather is Just Great in San Francisco -  Forget about what Mark Twain says about a San Francisco summer (the coldest winter he ever spent). Not this year, we at The Traveler can vouch for this being one of the warmest summers we can remember - but still cooler than the stifling heat found elsewhere; it's just right! And now is a great time to find great bargains for hotels in San Francisco.


Wildlife Safari and Victoria Falls - African Timeout offers this 10-day tour of Southern Africa from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, Pilgrim's Rest, Kruger National Park, Tangala Safari camp, Zululand, and more. From $1871; get all the details here.


Take a Train - Rail travel is a unique mode of travel, much more relaxed than the rushed, nervous and increasingly uncomfortable airline experience. Amtrak offers new low Fall specials for travel all over the USA. See the country as only the train can show you. To find out more, go to the Amtrak website


All Your Travel Needs In One Place - Find a flight, rental car, winter vacation, weekend getaway, or the adventure of a lifetime! You'll find everything you need from airline tickets to vacation packages to travel insurance, foreign currency exchange, and passport processing... It's all at!

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