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Augut 2004 * 08/26/04

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To travel is to take a journey into yourself.
-Danny Kaye
American comedian and musician 1913-1987




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Welcome to the August 2004 issue of The Traveler!

We're back in our San Francisco offices this month after our first ever wildlife safari in northern Botswana and Zimbabwe. Well, at least our bodies are back, but some of us have left our hearts in Botswana!

You can catch up with The Traveler in Africa in his African Diary or capture the entire experience with African Postlude. Find out why our hearts aren't yet back in San Francisco!

But we've got a lot of ground to cover this month, so let's dig in.

We'll start with our Feature Articles. This month we explore a hidden Abbey in the hills of Tuscany, a holistic rest at a unique hotel in Austria, an Indian Palace turned five-star hotel, and finally Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

Our Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month features Ayun Halliday's personal and often hilarious account of her world travel adventures with No Touch Monkey.

Another autumn is nearly upon us, and the experts are predicting a banner year for fall color in North America. We've updated our Fall Color page with our second annual Fall Color Special.

And finally we have our top choices this month for our Travel Ideas, Bargains, and Resources section full of the latest travel news, tips, and deals.



Feature Articles

Accidental Pilgrims at the Abbey of Sant' Antimo
Ancient history and the weather led to a an unexpected discovery in the hills of Tuscany

Holistic Hideaway
Get a full mind/body workout in a uniquely Austrian way

The Regal Lalitha Mahal Palace
Not only a luxurious five-star hotel, but a way to preserve Indian culture and heritage

A City for Everyone: My Trip to Caracas
Once a Venezuelan backwater of the Spanish Empire, Caracas has become a cosmopolitan capital city with something for everyone

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

Travel is a learning experience, most times the lessons learned are learned the hard way. It always seems worth it in Ayun Halliday's account of her world travels; some would say her "bohemian" world travels and mean it as a high compliment - the only way to fly! Adventure is always best accompanied with a good laugh. Halliday delivers both with No Touch Monkey: And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late (Adventura Books Series).

Fall Color!

Our second annual Autumn Color special! The Traveler loves fall - in fact, it's his favorite time of the year. So we've put together this special feature with some great online resources to help you learn about and enjoy the magnificent fall color of North America. It's here at our special Fall Color Page.

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

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of a lifetime. Make sure you are properly informed when planning your adventure. Africa Travel Resource is a family of websites that have been designed to help people make intelligent and informed decisions about traveling to the safari countries of Africa. Visit the Africa Travel Resource website.

A Premier Example of an African Wildlife Safari - Capricorn Safari was the outfitter for
The Traveler's recent wildlife safari. Their combination of knowledge, experience, and dedication to the African wilderness provided The Traveler with an unforgettable introduction to the African Bush of northern Botswana. Visit their website to find out more.


What's New at

We're working hard to get our African photo album put together and posted. You can see some preliminary photos and catch up with The Traveler through his ongoing African Diary. Make sure to check out African Postlude to get a feel for his experience in the bush.

We're always adding new resources and features for your travel and adventure. Make sure to check out the latest by visiting our What's New page

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