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August 2005 * 08/30/05

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Evening shadow on Kauai's Coast - Photo by Tom Schueneman

















Follow the Equator by Mark Twain - The Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month for August












Don't go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing; it was here first

- Mark Twain
American humorist, writer and lecturer. 1835-1910


















A Quiet Beach on Molokai - Photo by Tom Schueneman  
  Half Dome in Yosemite Valley - Photo by Tom Schueneman
A Rainbow Over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Photo by Tom Schueneman  

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Welcome to the August issue of The Traveler!

We're a little late this month. A modern version of "the dog ate my homework": the failure of a key hard drive, or, "my hard drive crashed, man".

Fortunately not the only hard drive, but, indeed, the principal drive in our office went to sleep on a recent Friday and never really woke up.

But no hard drive will keep The Traveler from our readers!

The days are starting to get just a little shorter here at thirty-seven-degrees northern latitude. As the summer winds die away and thoughts turn to school, cooler days, and autumn color (of course, just the opposite for our friends at thirty-four south latitude - you know who you are), The Traveler offers the last official summer issue. Soon it will be the earthy hues of fall and the harvest season; and then another year gone by. There's no time to waste not exploring the world, and it is in this spirit - undaunted by drives that eat data - that we bring you The Traveler for late August!

Our feature articles this month will let us stomp through the money puddle that is Las Vegas, party-like-there's-no-tomorrow aboard a commuter train in Prague, board a submarine looking for the lost island of Atlantis, or at least the very real ruins of ancient civilizations, and finally have an adventure through the streets of Madrid, breaking up a den of thieves in the process. Just another issue of The Traveler courtesy of our worldwide network of travel writers and observers.

Our Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month is back to the classics with Mark Twain (a Traveler favorite) and Following the Equator.

Ever dream of becoming a freelance travel photographer? Our featured sponsor this month gives you the opportunity to learn the business from a seasoned professional at an intense workshop next month in Washington, DC.

Last but not least, we've got the latest in travel resources, ideas, and bargains for all your late summer and early autumn travel needs.


Feature Articles

The Money Puddle - Las Vegas
Out of the desert, rises the money puddle that is Las Vegas.

Czech Out the Music
So you think you've ridden the train before?

The Santorini Submarine
Under the Mediterranean lies a story of the fate of ancient civilizations. The submarine off the shores Santorini Island will take you there. It's also a great way to dive without getting your face wet.

Adventure in Madrid
Unsuspecting victims on a vacation trip in Spain end up guiding police to a den of thieves. Many adventures aren't planned for or mentioned in the travel brochure.

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

Certainly Mark Twain spoke to his time, he lived and wrote about a world that has since changed in ways he could not have imagined. Nonetheless Twain's dry, insightful wit and powers of observation still serve us well in the 21st century - a great writer in any age.
Following the Equator (National Geographic Adventure Classics)

Featured Sponsor

Learn Travel Photography in Washington DC

If you've always loved taking photographs and wondered what it takes to become a professional travel photographer, now is your chance to find out!

Learn from professional photographers the techniques they use to shoot pictures that sell for $400, $600 -- and even higher

Get hands-on practice applying your new skills -- while you explore one of the world’s most enchanting cities.

The Ultimate Travel Photographer's Workshop
September 8-11, 2005, Washington, DC

The Traveler had the pleasure of meeting Blair Howard in New York City last month. Blair is one of the principal instructors for the Ultimate Travel Photographer's Workshop, his expertise in travel photography and publishing is well worth anyone seriously interested freelance travel photography. Hurry, time is short and there's only a few seats left!

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

All Your Travel Needs In One Place -
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -
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Kodak EasyShare Gallery 

One Last Hurrah -
Well, perhaps a little over dramatic, but for most folks in the U.S., Labor Day marks the end of summer vacation season. It's not too late to get away for one last summer outing. Travelocity has some great Last Minute Deals!  

Three Nights for Two at Bushmans Kloof -
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Experience Thailand -
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The Kingdom of the Monarchs -
Beautiful and delicate, some 300 million Monarch Butterflies make an annual migration from Canada and the northeastern United States to their ancestral wintering grounds in the spectacular Transvolcanic Range in Mexico. Until recently, the location of their breeding grounds remained a mystery. Now, small groups of travelers, accompanied by Mexico’s premier naturalist guides, can experience this soul-stirring natural phenomenon. Join Natural Habitat Adventures as you track, observe and photograph Monarch Butterflies in Mexico's Highlands. Get all the details at the Natural Habitat Adventures website.

Los Angeles to Tahiti for $550 -
Here today, gone to Tahiti...
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Ecuador Ecolodge -
The Black Sheep Inn has been voted a top-three-finalist by Smithsonian Magazine and Tourism Cares for Tomorrow in their annual designation of the best examples of eco-tourism in the travel and tourism industry. This honor was bestowed, in part, because of "Black Sheep Inn owners' strong commitment to the community, exemplified by diverse projects such as school assistance, ancillary business development, and waste management". In these days of rising gas prices, dwindling oil supplies, and environmental degradation, sustainable tourism is becoming an important part of the travel industry. Find out more about this innovative ecolodge high in the Andes at the Black Sheep Lodge website
To find out more about ecolodges all over the world, visit

Amtrak's New Empire Builder -
Amtrak's Empire Builder has been long heralded as one of America's great train routes. Coursing across eight states, from Chicago to Seattle and Portland, the Empire Builder travels through some of America's most impressive landscapes, offering unparalleled vistas and unique sightseeing opportunities. Amtrak announces the launch of upgraded service on the Empire Builder. Improvements include refurbished rail cars, upgraded equipment and facilities, new onboard menus and services, and improved passenger amenities. To find out more about these improvements and enter a prize drawing for a free adventure aboard the Empire Builder, visit Amtrak's Empire Builder web page..


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