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September 2005 * 09/28/05

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"Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one"

- Albert Einstein
German born American physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955



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Welcome to the September issue of The Traveler!

Autumn has arrived outside The Traveler's office! We couldn't help put walk outside to enjoy a warm autumn afternoon in San Francisco. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Autumn is our favorite time of the year here at The Traveler. But even with all that warm fall sunshine, we had to come back to work to get the latest issue of The Traveler ready for our loyal and appreciated readers. That's you, by the way.

Our feature articles this month take us to the dry heat of the Sonoran desert, let us splash in the blue Pacific with curious and playful dolphins, and finally to a land where sheep rule a land of rolling, green hills dotted with ancient castles. Another great jaunt around the globe brought to us by our tireless team of worldwide writers.

Our Travel Writing Pick-of-the-Month is brought to us by our principal researcher here at The Traveler, and we're glad she did!

Our good friends at the American Writers And Artists Institute announce a brand new travel photography workshop for all budding travel photographers.

Last but not least, we've got the latest in travel resources, ideas, and bargains for all your late autumn travel needs.


Feature Articles

Go Fry an Egg - The Realities of the Sonoran Desert
It's a dry heat...

A cliché in Kaikoura?
Swimming with the dolphins and just going with the flow.

Wales - A Land of Castles and Sheep
Lots of sheep, a countryside dotted with castles, and even a few people.

Travel Writing Pick-Of-The-Month

This month's pick is from our staff researcher:

I was a fan of this book by the title alone.
Would it be glib to say "What journey lover wouldn't be?"
You've got Einstein, brains, and a road trip - it doesn't get any better than that. Except for the William S. Burroughs connection. Tracking down urban myths is a satisfying curiosity. Making a road trip with one is a noble pursuit. The author drives Dr. Harry and Al's brain from the east coast to the west coast. Dr. Harry has been the keeper of Einstein's brain for more than forty years, and wants to take them to (where else) California. I'd read this book again someday. Until then I am your content reviewer.Driving Mr. Albert : A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain 

Featured Sponsor

Learn Travel Photography in the Bahamas!

Those of you that read our first Fall Color special issue for the season were some of the first to hear about the upcoming Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop this November.

Get all the details about the Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop

The Traveler had the pleasure of meeting Blair Howard in New York City last July. Blair is one of the principal instructors for the Ultimate Travel Photographer's Workshop, his expertise in travel photography and publishing is well worth anyone seriously interested in freelance travel photography. Hurry, time is short and there's only a few seats left!

Travel Ideas, Resources, and Bargains

All Your Travel Needs In One Place -
Find a flight, rental car, winter vacation, weekend getaway, or the adventure of a lifetime! You'll find everything you need from airline tickets to vacation packages to travel insurance, foreign currency exchange, and passport processing... It's all at!

Fall is a Great Time to Visit the Islands -
Who says? The Traveler says. Well, okay, we're heading to Florida this fall, but we've visited Hawaii many times in October and November and we've found it the best time to visit. You'll find everything you need for your Hawaiian adventure right here: Book your Vacation to Hawaii with Aloha Today! 

Great Autumn Deals for Yosemite-
Stay in the park starting from $29. Get all the details at Yosemite

A Place of Secrets, Wild Skies and Cold Beauty
Readers of the UK's Observer have voted Edinburgh their favorite UK city for the sixth year running. Author Ruaridh Nicoll explains what makes his adopted home so special. Read the full story here.

The Caribbean for $10/night-
Another great deal from our friends at Travel, with another hot Caribbean deal valid for travel from mid-December through April 2006: From February 25 to April 29, cabin nights are as low as $5 per person, per night. Cabin nights are available throughout the booking period at $10 per person, per night. That's almost 90% off the regular rate! The number of cabins at these rates is very limited, but an allotment of cabins at $15 per person per night will become available as the cheaper deals sell out. A total of 2,530 cabin nights is available. Get all the details at Travel

The Smart Armchair Traveler-
Exploring the world doesn't always mean traveling. National Geographic books and magazines has always been one of The Traveler's favorite ways to learn, dream, plan, and explore. Explore the world with National Geographic

The Land Down Under-
It may be autumn up here in the northern climes, but for our friends down under spring is just budding. Find some great vacation packages to Australia from United Vacations, like a 10-day Sydney and Melbourne package from $1399. Find out about this and all the vacation deals at the special Australia Vacations website.

Harvest in Northern California-
It's all about the wine. Celebrate the 2005 harvest along with the release of Chase Cellar's 2003 Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel and the first ever 2003 Hayne Vineyard Reserve Zinfandel. The 2003 harvest marked the 100th year of these Zinfandel vines making the Hayne Vineyard one of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in Napa Valley. In honor of this milestone, Chase Cellars is dedicating a few special lots of the Centennial Harvest to create their first 2003 Reserve. Enjoy an afternoon with Zin-friendly food, library and newly released wines, a special port tasting and festive music amongst these majestic, centennial vines.Get all the details at the Chase Cellars website.

Reduced Costs for Travel to Europe this Fall-
Smart travelers (like subscribers to The Traveler) will take advantage of lower fares to Europe this fall. Our partners at have also negotiated special discounts on hotels throughout Europe. Find a great deal for your fall European vacation. Europe For Less  

Volunteer Travel Abroad-
Be a traveler, not a tourist. Teach English in Vietnam with i-to-i. Many volunteer travel opportunities are available. Check out the i to and learn how you can volunteer abroad for a change. See the world in a whole new way. Volunteer projects from 4 to 24 weeks spanning six continents.

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