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April 2002 * 04/24/02


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Welcome to the April issue of The Traveler!

We're very busy here, putting the finishing touches on a new travelogue from our recent adventures on the Hawaiian Islands... Later this week the Traveler sets out on a semi-solo adventure to France, in which he'll be surrounded by the culture and style of one of the great European capitals - Paris, the City of Lights... along with a few dozen other travel writers...

As our specialtly thus far has been travel to tropcial South Pacific isles, with some West Indies and Asia thrown in for good measure, this we'll be the Travelers first trip to Europe, and surely not the last! Everyone here is anxiously awaiting the travelogue of this latest journey... It's a tough job, but we know the Traveler can do it!

This month we offer, as our feature article, a short preview from the recent travelogue of Hawaii... As a city boy, the Traveler finds one of the most beautiful things about Hawaii is the breaking dawn on the little island of Molokai. And so we offer A Tale of Two Dawns...

Feature Articles

The City comes to Life, and a rural Pacific island comes to Life...

Recomended Reading for April

This month we recomend a collection of the best in recent travel writing in the compilation issue of The Best American Travel Writing, edited by Paul Theroux.

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That's it for this month... Next month we'll have more adventures from all over the world and more travel resources to help you find that adventure of a lifetime! New resources are always being added at, as well as archives of The Traveler. So make sure to visit today and often!

Thank you, dear readers...

Until next time. Au revoir.

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