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May 2002 * 05/22/02



The Seine - Paris






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Welcome to the May issue of The Traveler!

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover...

This month our writers take us from Paris, to Australia, Mexico, and then to the lively and colorful “North Beach”, in San Francisco, California...

We also have our Travel Writing Pick-Of-The Month, and fresh resources to help you with all your summer travel needs!

Feature Articles

  • Kakadu or Kakadon't?... Brian Norris gives the low-down on the Aussie Outback

  • Vicarious Gazzette - Volume 1... Off on a year long, around the world trek, Steve and Marcy check in for the first time from San Miguel, Mexico

  • North Beach - The Beat Goes On... Mike Marino takes us through the quentiscential San Francisco neighborhood, North Beach; a place that brings out the urban adventurer in all of us


Travel Writing Pick of the Month...

Mark Twain's classic, Letters From Hawaii... So Samuel Langhorne Clemens made his excuse for late copy to the Sacramento Union, the newspaper that was underwriting his 1866 trip. If the young reporter's excuse makes perfect sense to you, join the thousands of Island lovers who have delighted in Twain's efforts when he finally did put pen to paper.

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That's it for this month! We've had a busy month here at The Traveler and we're looking forward to bringing you new and exciting tales from our worldwide network of adventurers, and more great travel resources for all your summer travel needs! Make sure to check in at often to see all our new resources as they become available...

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See you next month!

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