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September 12, 2001 
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  • Expectations of Molokai...
  • Odds and Ends...
  • Expectations of Molokai...

    (September 9, 2001) In anticipation of a first trip to the Molokai in the Hawaiian Island chain, I am recording these notes of my expectations and observations.

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    Odds and Ends...
    We are keeping the newsletter very short this month due to world events and in preparation of an upcoming writing assignment on the island of Molokai... (life must go on)

    Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. For more thoughts on this tragedy, please read our Feature Article, "Traveling in a Dangerous World".

    Please check into our site at in the next few days. We will begin implementation our new look and we'd like your comments!

    Our writing contest goes on! Yes, we are still looking for interesting article to be included in future issues of "Tourist Traveler". Please submit your articles for review to

    Changes in Travel...

    Obviously, there will be changes in air travel as security tightens in the wake of the terrorist attacks this week. We will report to our readers the realities of getting through airports with the heightened security.

    Traveling In A Dangerous World...
    The world changed today. That is a cliché that I have heard more than once in the past few hours. It is hard not to feel that it is a cliché borne of reality --

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