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Travel Stories & Travelogues

Travel stories and travelogues from
the popular online travel newsletter The Traveler.

Stories of Travel and Adventure

Travel stories and travelouges from The Traveler and some of his online travel writing cohorts.New! Visit our Travel Video page and travel the world with some of the best independent travel videos on the net!

Our travel stories and tales will take you from Tokyo to Paris, Molokai to Maun, and places in between. Humor, insight, and a little philosophy make our Travel Stories & Travelogue page a place to sit back, kick your shoes off, and sit for a spell while traveling the world with The Traveler. Feel like writing your own travelogue to share with family and friends? Do it right here!

Coming Soon! - The Traveler in the Canadian Arctic! First installment of The Traveler's adventure to the Arctic with an Earthwatch team due out in early March

Travel Stories:

Out of Africa: An African Postlude
Reflections on a wildlife safari in Botswana - The jewel of Africa

Confessions of a Carry-On Baggage Abuser

A traveling musician and his trusty sidekick, filling overhead bins throughout New England

Finding a Good Martini in a Tropical Climate
It isn't as easy as you might think

A Tale of Two Dawns
Used to waking up in the Big City, The Traveler marvels at the peaceful dawn he experiences on Molokai

Volcano House
Visit the little inn on the edge of a Caldera - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Molokai - Hawaii for Hawaiians
You're not in Honolulu anymore

Does Anyone Here Speak English? A Musical Education, and the Adventure of a Lifetime
On being fifteen years old, a trombone player, and lost in central Tokyo

Christmas In San Francisco
The City that steals hearts says Merry Christmas

A Walk and Dinner Along Monterey's Cannery Row
From John Steinbeck to a perfect Saturday afternoon along Monterey's Cannery Row

The Plan is Point Lobos
The magic and majesty of California's central coast

7 Things You'll Need When Visiting Paris for the First Time
To visit Paris for the first time.

High Tea in the Jungle
Birding and tea in the jungles of Trinidad

Little Green Men in Roswell, New Mexico

Is it a real museum dedicated to UFO research, or a fun diversion for tourists

The Traveler ponders his navel...

On Life, Death, and the Meaning of Family
Life is a lesson-in-process.

Just A Thought
A reaction to the events of September 11th, 2001

Special Series:
The Soundman Chronicles
Tales of a Life Pushing Fader



Alaska: In Search of the Great North
On The Traveler Blog:

Arrival: Ketchikan
Ketchhikan of Salmon
Calling a Cab in Skagway at 4AM
Transportation in Alaska (pictorial)
The Broadway Shuffle - Skagway

The Shut Up and Walk Tour
Yosemite Valley, Fall 2006
The Traveler has some things he'd like to get off his chest. Also, Yosemite is a really great place.

After the Rain
The Big Island,Hawaii
Come with The Traveler for another Big Island adventure.

African Diary
Go with The Traveler as he explores northern Botswana on a tented mobile wildlife safari, ending at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

The Road Dog Tour
The Traveler gets back out on the open road. Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, California.

New Mexico - From Aliens to Adobes
Read what The Traveler has to say about the great American Southwest as only New Mexico can claim.

Four Days in Paris
Breathless innocence.. That's what The Traveler felt as he walked the streets of Paris for the first time.

The Big Island Revisited
Where else can you burn your boots on hot lava?

Bear Aware in Yosemite
Being Bear Aware is a way of life!

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California's Monterey Peninsula

Steinbeck Country
Windy Hill Publication offers a brand new guidebook for the Monterey County area of northern/central California. Learn about the region that inspired many of Steinbeck's novels.



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