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Many graduates of the course have published their first articles in our popular monthly newsletter The Traveler. Some have become regular contributors.

We love to help new writers start their careers! Will you be our next rising star? Sign up now for the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course and get started!

"Loved the opportunity to write creatively again. Absolutely I would recommend this course...I’ve been a copywriter for 30 years and feel like I’ve been reborn. Thank you."
-Kathryn L

“I need specificity- a plan with steps on how to get where I’m going. The Travel Writing course did that for me- and showed me how to adjust my writing so it would be interesting for the reader."
- Michelle Angello

"The information and examples included in your Travel Writers course were so good that I’ve landed an assignment with an international travel magazine even before completing all the course elements...I largely credit the course material for putting me firmly on the path to success in travel writing."
-Larry L


"AWAI as an organization has given me the best learning experience I’ve EVER had, providing me with encouragement and support every step along my journey toward a new career. In short, you folks are great. You’ve helped me see plainly what I need to do to succeed and given me the roadmap, information, and support I need to get there. I can’t thank you enough."
-Sharon O


"I got a huge amount out of the course! In fact, IL has very kindly published an e-postcard. "An Oxford Afternoon" already. It is definitely a psycological kickstart for me, so I'll keep going. I'm enjoying this so much."
Jean F


"Jen is absolutely wonderful—there is an astounding amount of information."
-Amnda S

"I've been comped four nights at a deluxe resort on Oahu after advising them of my plans. I wrote a letter explaining that I am a 'freelance travel writer' intending on writing an article on 'Hawaii's Most Romantic Room Views.'
"Although I won't be on 'assignment,' I've gotten some pretty good feedback from a couple of wish me luck!! I've got another idea, too. Something about 'Affordable Luxury in Paradise...Off-season in Hawaii.' I'm sorry to ramble on and on, but I'm pretty excited!
"This could be the start of something BIG! Thanks a million!"
-Alice C

Learn to Become a Travel Writer
The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course

In As Little as Six Months from Right Now, You Can Have Your First Published Byline as a Paid Freelance Travel Writer... It All Depends on What You Do Right Now...Travel Writing Course. The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course. Learn to become a travel writer!


Have you ever dreamed of living the life of a travel writer? Exploring the world, meeting new people and cultures, visiting the natural wonders of the world… and getting paid to do it.

Yes, you can see the world, tell the tale, and have people pay you to do it.

And like the many new travel writers that have gone before you (see the stories of just a handful of these folks here) , you’ve found the best place to start your adventure… Right here, right now. Read on to find out more.

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A Start On Your Journey

Down the Right Path to Success

The Travel Writer's Life

You Don't Even Have to Travel to Get Started As a Travel Writer!

What Are the Odds of Success?

You've Come to the Right Place

Learn From the Best

Enjoy the Privileges of Being a Professional Travel Writer...

Make Even More from your Travel with Pictures!

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A Start on Your Journey to Travel Writing Success


I think I know why you're here.

You love to travel, to see new places and experience new things. You love to find the unusual, the quirky, the humorous - people don't find your vacation stories at all boring. You're independent.
You like to write.

You're the kind of person we're looking for at We need people to help us provide our audience with interesting, funny, and informative stories about new and exciting places. And if you can learn to do that for us, you'll be able to do for others as well.

Maybe you've thought that being a travel writer was only a pipe dream; that you could never break into the romantic world of travel writing.
Maybe you're right...

But if you're really the kind of person that we're looking for, you don't really think that's true; and neither do I. You don't have to be a Hemingway or a Twain to write good travel articles; articles that publishers like me are looking for - and waiting to pay you for.

But before you can write those kinds of travel articles, you need
some practical knowledge and skills. Once you master this knowledge and hone your skill, you'll have editors eager to work with you. I'm a writer as well as an editor and publisher. I know what it's like to start with nothing more than a dream and a desire to write and explore; a determination to make that dream come true...
I know where you're coming from.

And I'd like to help get you started on your journey toward living your dream, traveling the world, and seeing your work in print.
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Down the Right Path to Success

When I started my career as a travel writer, I ordered The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course. It was one of the best decisions I've made in my travel writing career. Right now I'm writing a piece for International Living, one of the worlds premier travel publications - And if I can do it, why not you? In fact, you'll be doing just that by the end of the course, with your first "on spec" piece. The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course will teach you the real world practicalities of travel writing. You have the opportunity to actually sell your first article by the time you've finished the course!

More on the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course in a minute, but first, let's take a look at what I like to call "The Writers Life"...
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The Travel Writer's Life

What's it like, living the life of a travel writer?

It's seeing the world in a special way; it's using your "eagle eye" to see the world in detail.
It's finding out about new places - or putting a well-traveled place into a new light; it's experiencing new things, meeting new people; and putting it all down in your own distinctive voice.
It's exciting, adventurous, and a lot of hard work; you need to be dedicated to get into the top ranks of travel writers.

But success as a travel writer is very much a personal thing. Let's be honest, the road to fantastic wealth as a writer isn't always the road of a travel writer. But if you work hard, arm yourself with the best information, and persevere you can make a decent living - a very decent living.

The real wealth is a wealth of experience; traveling and experiencing the world, telling others about it, and getting paid for it! It's about traveling to the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii and witnessing the most breathtaking sunset you've ever seen, then traveling to Paris to add your own unique view to the City of Light as you amble along its historic streets... Why do you do this? Because IT'S YOUR JOB!!! But more importantly, because it's what you love to do.

Now that's pretty exciting, don't you think?
How many people can say they honestly love their job?
Are you one of those people?
Well, there is no reason why you shouldn't be!

The life of a travel writer is one filled with fun and adventure, exploring the world and exploring how you see the world. It also takes hard work, determination, and knowledge; of how the business works and basic rules specific to the craft of travel writing. That's what the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course is all about!
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You Don't Even Have to Travel to Get Started As a Travel Writer!

You don't need to travel thousands of miles to earn money and make a name for yourself as a travel writer. Look out your window... What's out there that you can tell other people about? You have the perspective of a local that no outsider can bring to your home town, city, or even state. You're an expert, and people are looking for experts to tell them what to do, where to go, and what to look out for when they travel to your town, city, or region.

In fact, that's a great way to get started as a travel writer, just by writing about what you already know!
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Are the Odds Stacked Against You?

There are a lot of people that would love to be "paid to be on vacation" (which, incidentally, is NOT what being a travel writer is all about). A lot of people try. As editor and publisher of The Traveler, I see a lot of well intentioned people that just miss the mark when it comes to travel writing.

I started The Traveler to give a venue to new writers, a chance at a first clip, a first check, a start. But even the humble beginning I am able to give, I can not give to all.

And if you have the ambition and desire to get published in a National Geographic or a Conde Naste, then you're really up against stiff competition. You're up against the best and most established writers in the world! Without the proper training and skills, your chances of getting published in the top travel publications are slim to none...

Those are the cold hard facts. The good news is that you can develop your skills and learn what you need to know to succeed as a travel writer. You can put the odds in your favor.
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You've Come to the Right Place

With the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course, you'll give yourself the edge from the very beginning... You'll give yourself the best chance you possibly can to succeed as a travel writer. You'll learn...

  • The 7 templates for successful travel articles. How to know your audience and write to them
  • How to take one story and turn it into several articles
  • The 10 keys to successful travel writing
  • How to develop your "eagle eye"
  • How to Make Editors Happy

And so much more!

Let me explain why I am so confident that the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course can be the key to your success as a travel writer.
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You'll Learn From the Best

I've had the pleasure and privilege of learning from and working with Jen Stevens for some time... I first met Jen several years ago when she was an instructor at the American Writers & Artists Institute. I was immediately impressed with her writing talent, her knowledge of the writing business, and most importantly, her ability to teach the skills and knowledge required for success as a travel writer. At that time she was the editor of Island Properties Report and a contributing editor at International Living where she worked as editor-in-chief for some years; Since that time she's continued her career as a freelance writer.She's a great writer, editor, and teacher; she knows the business, she knows her stuff.

That's why International Living ask her to write a compreshensive travel writing course; The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course. Kathleen Peddicord, the publisher at International Living, has the task that all publishers and editors have; finding great stories to publish, week after week, month after month, year in and year out. Sure, she gets plenty of submissions - she's swamped, in fact. Unfortunately, a lot of it (most of it) just isn't up to the standards or needs of International Living.

So Kathleen contacted Jen Stevens to discuss the problem; "What can we do to make sure a steady stream of good stories keeps coming in? I need an elite corps of freelance writers that know how to write great travel articles!"

And from this beginning the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course was born.The course is packed with all that Jen knows from her years of writing travel stories and editing travel publications...

  • How to imagine stories that will sell all the time
  • How to have story ideas delivered to you
  • How to research any subject
  • The 12 secrets to successful interviews

Jen has produced a real world blueprint to success. This isn't a theoretical discourse on what should work, taught in a stuffy college classroom costing thousands of dollars; it's a practical guide to what works in the real world.

And not only that, the instructors and writers at the American Writers & Artists Institute are always there to help, cajole, and guide you toward your success. By the end of the course you'll have the confidence and skills needed to submit your work to the top travel publications. And that's exactly what you'll do! You'll submit your best work for consideration in International Living. And they'll work with you until you're doing the best work you possibly can.

By the end of this course, you may have already sold your first article! Your career as a travel writer will be launched!
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Enjoy the Privileges of Being a Professional Travel Writer

Imagine walking into the VIP suite of the Mark Hopkins hotel atop Nob Hill in San Francisco...Or maybe enjoying a first class cabin on a Caribbean Cruse...Or perhaps you'd prefer stalking wild game in pursuit of that perfect shot - camera shot, that is - on a private African Safari...Now imagine being a VIP guest and paying nothing for your luxurious accommodations or exotic adventures... You'll enjoy these perks as a respected professional travel writer.The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course will show you how to find low cost and free press trips, and how to have invitations for travel arrive at you mail box or email inbox!

Every step of the way, through every facet of the business, the learn the skills and acquire the knowledge you need to succeed as well as enjoy all the exciting perks that await the professional travel writer!
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Capture a Picture, Tell a Story!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words... Well, if it's the right picture, that could be true - literally! Just as editors and publishers are looking for good travel articles, they also need pictures to go along with those stories... You'll make your articles more marketable by offering photos and you'll open up new streams of income by selling your photographs to "stock houses" that buy your images for their clients use...As a special bonus to The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course, you'll receive the supplemental CD-ROM Money-Making Travel Photography" packed with information on proven techniques for good travel photography and how to get paid for it. This information could be worth hundreds or maybe even thousands of extra dollars to you as you embark on your journey as a freelance travel writer. Let me tell you that for me personally, I find the greatest joy in exploring a new place and finding the perfect picture that captures the essence of my new experience...

Travel writing and photography go hand in hand, and The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course gives you the scoop on all of it!
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I can get you $75 off!

That's right! I've gone to bat for you already!
Because I really want you to succeed!
Because when you succeed, I'll succeed!

Here's how...

I publish a blog that features new writers... What better way for me to succeed as a publisher than to help you succeed as a writer? So I'm willing to do all I can to help you get started on your exciting journey as a travel writer because I know that the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course is a win-win proposition.

If you really want to become a travel writer, you have the opportunity right here and now to do just that. And I'm looking to establish an ongoing relationship with good freelance travel writers. Writers that will provide me with the stories I need to make The Traveler a newsletter that people will want to continue to receive, month after month. They'll appreciate the fresh informative articles that I'll be able to provide them with each issue.

Yes, I enjoy writing travel articles myself, and of course I'll publish them in The Traveler, but I can't do it all! I need your help!

And so do hundreds of other publishers all over the world! I can't guarantee you that you'll get published in Conde Nast or National Geographic. But I'll guarantee you this. If you successfully complete the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course, I'll publish your best article in The Traveler - GUARANTEED!

I know, this may sound crazy for a publisher to guarantee that he'll publish work from writers he has never read. But I know that if you've successfully completed the course, you know how to write a travel article. And I'm willing to put my own money on the line. (I pay $40 for each feature article published)

So maybe I'm crazy, but I'll be crazy with a bunch of good writers writing for me!
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Here is Your Opportunity - Are You Ready to Take It?

What I've tried to lay out before you in these paragraphs is an opportunity... The opportunity to live your dreams and change your life. What the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course offers you is the chance to become a freelance travel writer. It's the chance to start a new and exciting lifelong journey. You'll get expert instruction from some of the top professionals in the field, as well as ongoing support from the professional and courteous team of writers and editors at the American Writers & Artists Institute.

  • You'll learn what you need to be successful as a travel writer... And what you don't need.
  • You'll learn the seven winning templates of great travel articles...
  • You'll learn how to define your audience and write just for them...
  • You'll learn the how to find great article ideas that your audience (and editors) will love...
  • You'll learn how to conduct professional and rewarding interviews...
  • You'll learn to develop your "eagle eye"; and get those fascinating details on paper...
  • You'll learn the keys to make your writing the best it can be...
  • You'll learn how to conduct research for your articles...

And so much more!

In short, you'll have all you need to become a successful freelance travel writer...

No, I take that back. There will be only one thing missing...


Your dedication, perseverance, and willingness to work toward your goal are the final and necessary ingredients to your success. This is true of anything you do, and it is no less true in becoming a travel writer!

But if you'll do your part, the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course will give you the opportunity you need to start your journey to success!

Live the Dream - Order the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course now!

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Order from TouristTravel and take an extra $75 off!

By now you see what you have here is a real opportunity to become a freelance travel writer. I really want to to all I can to make this opportunity possible for all those willing to dedicate themselves and work toward their dreams and goals...

That's why I've convinced the American Writers & Artists Institute to allow me to offer you a discount of $150 off the already low price for all you'll get with the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course. Ultimately, you'll get a real opportunity to change your life and become a freelance travel writer!

Now, I won't waste your time with the usual "what would you expect to pay" talk. I'll just give you the numbers, because I know that even the full price for this course is a real bargain:If you order the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course from the normal price of $359 is reduced to only $279!

To make this even easier, only $49 gets you started on your journey of becoming a freelance travel writer! Send only $49 dollars now and receive the first installment of the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course. Then over the coming months you'll receive seven subsequent installments for only $39 per installment.

Order the entire course now and get more than 15% off the already reduced price!

That's right! If you really want to dig in and receive the entire course right now, you'll get even more savings and pay only $279!
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Either Way You Pay, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Try the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course for a full thirty days. If you find that travel writing isn't for you, or for any reason you decide you don't wish to continue with the course, your money will be refunded, no questions asked. Simply return the course materials in good condition, and the Little Black Book for Travel Writers is yours to keep!
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Take the First Step on Your Journey!

Are you ready to take the first steps toward your dream? Right here is your chance to do just that! This is a real chance to get started on your journey as a freelance travel writer. You'll get the knowledge, support, and insight of the best in the business; You'll get a chance to write your very first paid travel article; You'll get what you need to start a successful career as a travel writer. Now the ball is in your court.

It's time to take that first step.

Order the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course and begin an exciting and rewarding journey toward a new life and a new way of seeing the world...

Don't wait another minute to start your exciting career as a freelance travel writer!
Order the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course Now!
Get the entire course and save an additional 15% off the already reduced price, or try the course and get the first installment for only $49.

P. S. - Don't forget the special bonuses you'll receive if you order the Ultimate Travel Writer's Course today.

  1. The Money-Making Travel Photography supplemental photojournalism course.
  2. The Ultimate Travel Writing Program's FREE weekly e-letter The Write Way to Travel, filled with tips, informative articles, and new markets for submitting your work

To Your Success,
Tom Schueneman
Editor/Publisher - The Traveler & Tourist Travel
Find out more about me at our "About Us" page

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