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Shut Up and Walk Tour

Yosemite, Fall 2006  

Shrouded Half Dome - Photo by Tom Schueneman


Yosemite Valley

October, 2006


Traveling and taxes are two rituals of October for me. Usually taxes before travel, but I have been known to mail my taxes while traveling, even having the forms FedEx’ed to the New Mexico resort where Jayne and I were spending this particular week in October a few years ago.

A little over the top, admittedly, and those days are long gone in any case. A quick fax of an e-file authorization form yesterday and that is one chore to mark off in my last minute rush in preparation of leaving it all behind.

You’ve got to hurry up so you can slow down. If I had a tail, I’d be chasing it.

But that was yesterday.

If it weren’t for the second part of the equation – that for which I chase my imaginary tail – well, then, it really would be insane.

Life for the Native Americans that first inhabited Yosemite Valley was hard. Perhaps to them, however, they had no notion to think of it as hard. It was just life. And they lived off the land and with the land. And this beautiful, isolated valley was their home.

Neither I nor they could survive in the other’s world. I come here to break away from the world I inhabit, to escape the feeling of running in circles. I suspect those they never even imagined leaving Yosemite Valley.

Thus goes the advancement of civilization.

Welcome to the Shut Up and Walk Tour, Yosemite Valley, Fall 2006


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